UW Waterfront Center

UW Waterfront Center

Snoqualmie Falls is a great way to get outside and see a little bit of why Seattle is so such a great city. Aside from the beauty within the city, it is a quick 25-minute drive to get to natural wonders like the cascading waters of Snoqualmie Falls. Those from outside of the Seattle area may unknowingly be familiar with the falls through their appearance in the television show Twin Peaks. Locally, they are known as a fabulous place to enjoy the outdoors.

The falls are a traditional burial site and a significant place in creation mythology for the local Snoqualmie People. It is easy to see why such an awe-inspiring place would hold such deep meaning and a connection to greater forces when you look out over the 268-foot waterfall.

Accessing the waterfall is easy, the top of the falls is a quick stroll from the parking lot and there is a gift shop and, in typical Seattle fashion, and espresso stand to help everyone wake up. Once atop the falls, there is a nice viewing platform. Long ago, pioneer women used to see how far they could get to the edge while their friends held their dresses. Now there are railings to prevent people from doing such things. In addition to the viewing platform, the park has a few picnic tables and a nice open area. There is also a hiking path to the bottom of the falls, where there is a historic power building, however the path is currently closed until 2013 for repairs.

If you are looking to spend more time in the area, the Salish Lodge is nearby and known not only for beautiful views and lavish lodging, but for great food and a certain famous breakfast—you can buy their oatmeal and baked good mixes at the gift shop or the hotel itself.