Alki Beach

Alki Beach

Alki Beach is a little slice of South Beach or Los Angeles, transplanted to the grey skies of Seattle. When Seattle residents need a break from the quiet, peaceful beaches and are looking for a real party place, that’s when they head to Alki. Alki is the original location of Seattle, before it moved east to what is now Pioneer Square, the name coming from a Chinook Indian word meaning “by and by,” and also, incidentally, the official motto of Washington state. While it had simple beginnings, Alki Beach, in its modern incarnation is a long strip of road, best known for cruising vehicles and watching of the beautiful people.

The two-mile strip of road and the path that mirrors it, run straight along the beach, filled with shiny vehicles blaring loud music and the people that love those cars. The other side of the street is lined with condos and various apartment buildings, all blessed with a beautiful view. At the far end of the beach is Alki Point, where there is an historic, still functioning, lighthouse from 1913.

At the near end of the beach is the Elliott Bay Water Taxi pier, an excellent way to get to West Seattle from Downtown. Operated as part of Seattle’s public transportation system, the water taxi runs from Pier 50, downtown, to Seacrest Park in West Seattle. The ride is the same as bus fare ($2) and runs from 7am to 11pm daily. Even if for a round trip pleasure ride, the trip across Elliott Bay is scenic, offering attractive views of both the city and Alki Point from a new angle.

However you get to and around Alki, the draw is always the beach, where you’ll find the cool waters of Puget Sound and Elliott Bay lined with dark grey beaches, filled with Seattleites tending to their barbecues and bonfire, enjoying the outdoors.