Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is an extensive ridge running from just southeast of downtown far into the southern neighborhoods of Seattle. Thus, it contains many mini-neighborhoods within it, such as North, Mid and South Beacon Hill, as well as Holly Park, though all are generally referred to as Beacon Hill.

At its north end it is bordered by Interstate 90 and can be accessed by the Jose P. Rizal Bridge. The bridge crosses from the International District and 12th Avenue and provides amazing views of the stadiums, Elliott Bay and all of downtown to the west, and the Cascade Mountains to the east. Similarly, the nearby park, which shares its name, is an excellent place for viewing the city. Across from the park is the Pac Med building, a former hospital that currently houses online retailer Amazon. The neighborhood was built up in part by employees of a nearby Boeing facility, though with the introduction of Amazon, it has been revitalized in the north end.

Further south, Beacon Hill has a commercial center including a variety of ethnic shops and restaurants to match its diverse (over 50% Asian) population at Beacon Avenue and 15th. Here is also the newly built Link Light Rail Transit Station as well as the former Beacon Hill Elementary School, which now houses El Centro de la Raza, a community organization for Hispanic residents of the city.

South of Spokane Street, Beacon is lined with a public golf course on one side and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital on the other. South of these, it resumes being extremely residential, straight south to Seattle’s southern edge. The eastern border of Beacon Hill is Rainier Avenue or Martin Luther King Jr. Way; which ever is further west at any given point, while the western edge is Interstate 5 for the length of the neighborhood.