Bite of Seattle

Bite of Seattle

The Bite of Seattle is a three-day festival of all things edible during mid-July at Seattle Center. This glutinous feast involves many of the local food vendors and restaurants setting up on the various lawns and outdoor spaces and serving dishes from their menu. The event is free to enter, meaning that it is a great gathering event for friends and families to enjoy a day or evening strolling through the grounds.

The food vendors, over 50 of them each year, are the main draw, but there is also music to enjoy as people rest their full tummies on the grass, as well as food related events, such as cooking demonstrations to watch. In recent years, as the festival has grown, new sections and themes have been added, including ones that, due to popular demand, serve smaller portions for lower prices, so people can try more options. One such area is Tom Douglas’ Alley. Local food celebrity Douglas sets up this section where well-known local restaurants each serve a bit of their food for one entrance fee, which is then donated to local charity Food Lifeline. Another great new option for the event is the ‘Green Bites,’ where local, sustainable restaurants are gathered to show how food can also be environmentally friendly.

The food might steal the show, but no food event is complete without the accompanying beverages. Many stands sell their own drinks, but all alcohol must be within restricted areas. Luckily the beer gardens are plentiful and there is a Wine and Jazz area that is open to all who are of age. Here you can purchase samples of wine from various wineries while relaxing to live music.

The Bite of Seattle encompasses a few non-mouth-related events as well, including the ever entertaining Dock Dogs competition, where local pooches compete to jump the highest and the farthest. With the endless options for what to eat, it is always nice to be able to watch something else do the exercising!

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