Seafair is Seattleā€™s nearly summer long festival which includes a myriad of events throughout the city along with the marquee events of the Torchlight Parade and the hydroplane races on lake Washington. The origins of Seafair can be traced back as far as the beginning of the century, though officially, it has been around since 1950. Many Seafair traditions are mainstays of Seattle summers, such as the Blue Angels Air Show, or year round Seattle life, such as the Seafair Pirates.

The major highlight of Seafair is the hydroplane races, which take place at Stan Sayres Park in South Seattle, on Lake Washington. The races bring thousands of people to the shore to watch, as well as a ton of boats, pulled up to the log boom that surrounds the course, creating what is essentially a floating party on the lake.

The Torchlight Parade that precedes the hydroplane race is a downtown parade, one of the few that happens at night, which makes for a beautiful, lit up to-do. There is an accompanying evening running race, in which many participants dress up in Seafair related costumes. In addition to the Torchlight run and the hydroplane race, other affiliated competitions include the Seafair Triathalon and a Miss Seafair Beauty Contest.

The citywide events are the most well known portion of the Seafair event schedule, but on a smaller schedule there is such cultural festivals as the Pista Sa Nayon Filipino celebration at Seward Park and neighborhood fairs like the Lake City Pioneer Days and Grand Parade.

Seafair is such a large and spread out festival, encompassing the entire greater Seattle area and most of the summer, it is something that nearly everyone in the area is a part of at some point each summer. Whether they are watching Blue Angels from a roof deck or sitting outside in the sun at the Chinatown Festival, Seattle residents use the various Seafair events as a great way to enjoy the summer in the city.

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