Freemont Fair

Freemont Fair

The Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade are a pair of extremely colorful and exciting events. They are unique and so endeared and adored by the neighborhoods residents and the rest of the city, that it continues to be a town favorite despite its quirky events and blatant nudity. Even with these un-family friendly attributes, people of all ages continue to gather in droves along the sides of Fremont’s streets. Fremont has always been known as a strange neighborhood, calling itself the ‘The Center of the Universe’, and embracing the summer solstice as the focus of its neighborhood festival, so it should not come as a surprise that their festival is in keeping with the rest of their reputation.

The Fremont Solstice parade is run by the Fremont Arts Council and is part of the greater fair, all of which is a fundraiser for local non-profit organization Solid Ground. The parade itself travels north through Fremont, ending at Gasworks Park. The rules of the parade dictate many of the unique elements, which include that no motorized vehicles are allowed in the parade, so everything is powered by people—no animals are allowed either. Furthermore, no words or recognizable logos are allowed, so organizations are unable to use this as just another advertising venue.

The highlight (or lowlight, depending on your outlook) and one of the things that makes the fair so famous, is the riding of the nude cyclists. A local group of riders participate in the parade each year, by leading the rest of the participants on their bikes, while fully or partially nude and with their bodies vibrantly painted. Aside from the annual naked bikers, the parade is open to anyone, so everything from young dancers to adults drunkenly hula-hooping could be the next thing past the massive crowds of onlookers. The regulations lead to endless creativity in terms of both the method of transportation (without motors) and with the colors and designs, attempting to make an impression on the crowds without any words or recognizable logos.

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