Fremont Statues

Fremont Statues

Gentrification has arrived at Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, meaning that the artists and independent thinkers who built the area’s reputation are moving along, but not before leaving their mark on the area with a collection of unique and intriguing statues.

The Fremont Troll resides underneath the Aurora Bridge, guarding it, possibly from Californian visitors, as it clutches in its right hand an actual Volkswagen Beetle with California license plates. The statue itself is 5.5 meters high and weighs in at over two tons. It was installed as part of an effort to clean up the area under the bridge. While visitors are encouraged to go up and interact with the troll, many choose to admire the dusty cement from afar. The Troll has a cameo performance as a romantic place in the movie ‘Ten Things I hate About You,’ but in reality it is not thought of as an especially nice place to hang out. The troll is located at the top of Troll Avenue North (obviously), just past N. 36th Street.

Located in a much brighter, more pedestrian friendly area of Fremont, the ‘Waiting for the Interurban’ statue can be found at the corner of the Fremont Bridge (Fremont and N. 34th). The statue is of six people and a dog waiting for the Interurban, a form of public transport that at the time went to the suburb of Everett, but which has since ceased to exist. The statue is always a joy to pass by, as neighborhood residents delight in dressing up the characters for special events, the season, or just because.

A more recent addition to the statue collection is the statue of Lenin. Fitting into Fremont’s lack of need for reason for anything, the statue was purchased from Slovakia after the fall of the communist government. A Fremont resident mortgaged his house in order to purchase the 18-foot tall figure and then placed it in the neighborhood to reside permanently.

While the troll, Lenin and Waiting for the Interurban are Fremont’s most famous statues, a jaunt around the neighborhood will also turn up a few other gems, including the Fremont Rocket and the new ‘Running for the Interurban.”